Doctoral Researchers
Name Research Topic Institute
Analysis of the heat transport in borehole heat exchangers AGW
Ground based FTIR observations of greenhouse gas emissions in the Rhine valley and Russia by using the EM27/SUN instrument IMK-ASF
Changing cumulative risks from extreme windstorms in a changing climate IMK-TRO
The formation of atypical orogenic Au deposits: insight from Finnland greenstone belts AGW
Magma evolution in space and time along the Kuboos-Bremen Line AGW
How does the vertical structure of the tropical atmosphere determine the response of tropical rain belts to global warming? IMK-TRO
Suburbanisierung als Motor der Stadtentwicklung in Westafrika. Ein Analyse der Akteure, ihrer Strategien und Maßnahmen zur Erklärung der Prozesse städtischen Wachstums anhand ausgewählter Agglomerationen IfR
Dynamics of ground- and surfacewater quality caused by intensive land subsidence, climate- and landuse changes in the southern Mekong Delta, Vietnam AGW
Räumliche Bewertung der Ökosystemleistungen städtischer Wälder zur Untersuchung von Möglichkeiten für naturbasierte Lösungen: Eine Studie aus Kumasi, Ghana ITAS
Investigation on vegetational structures based on full-waveform laser scanning analysis IPF
The effect of in-plume chemistry on the initial fate of volcanic emissions reaching the upper troposphere and stratosphere IMK-TRO
Investigation of the cloud top phase distribution with datasets from a passive satellite sensor IMK-TRO
On the future evolution of UV and visible solar radiation arising from projected changes in atmospheric composition IMK-ASF
Satellite observations of the phase of midlevel clouds IMK-TRO
Land susidence and ground water dynamics in delta regions with focus on the Vietnamese Mekong Delta AGW
Integrated land subsidence monitoring IPF
Geodynamic finite element modelling of the Upper Rhine Graben based on a 3D velocity field derived from PS-InSAR, GPS and Leveling data GIK
Cross-scale hydraulic characterization of a major karst aquifer for drinking water supply AGW
Freshwater Systems under Future Projections - Assessing changes in interactions of groundwater with surface water and impact on the groundwater dependent ecosystems AGW
Variability og greenhouse gases in SE Europe IMK-ASF
Expandierende Energiesysteme - eine Typolokalisierung der sozio-technischen Systeme am Beispiel Perus IfR
Renewable Technologies - Printable Solar Cells LTI
Machine Learning-based assessment of fire hazards on road infrastructure with multi-source geoinformation IPF
Drivers of diversity and distribution of medicinal plants in savanna drylands - A case study from Kenya IfGG
Chemical composition, aging, and phase partitioning of secondary organic aerosol for conditions ranging from the planetary boundary layer to the upper troposphere studied by mass spectrometry in a simulation chamber and the atmosphere IMK-AAF
Development and validation of an intergraded inverse numerical modeling methodology for the assessment of urban air quality TecO
Selective precipitation of dissolved minerals of geothermal brines AGW
Automatisierte Schadensdetektion an Industrieobjekten mittels multisensorieller berührungsloser 3D-Datenerfassung IPF
Angularly-resolved polarisation properties of atmospheric ice crystals IMK-AAF
POF - Prognostic Ozone for ICON IMK-ASF
Convection permitting climate simulations of extremes and their benefit for local adaptation measures in Southern Germany IMK-TRO
Simulation of pollutant emissions in cities created by transportation means TecO
Catalytic upgrading of residual biomass derived alcohols towards lower olefins production IKFT
Catalytic conversion of biomass derived sugars towards oxygenated precursors of hydrocarbon transportation fuels IKFT
Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) applied to Laser Scanning for improved mapping IPF
Constraining aerosol-low cloud interactions with multi-target machine learning IMK-ASF / IPF
Formation mechanism, chemical characteristics and optical properties of brown carbon aerosol IMK-AAF
Water vapour estimation from PS-InSAR observations for 3D tomography of the atmosphere IPF
Laboruntersuchungen zu Sekundäreisprozessen in Mischphasenwolken IMK-ASK
Retrieval of biophysical parameters from multimodal close-range remote sensing data IPF
Aerosol influence on the Asian Monsoon IMK-ASF
Entwicklung und Erprobung der Footprint Identification Technique (FIT) zur Identifikation von Tier-Individuen mittels bildbasierter Verfahren IPF
Mehrskaliges Monitoring der Gewässerparameter Chlorophyll und Trübung in Fließgewässern mittels Methoden der Fernerkundung IPF
Serielles Clustering von Extremwetterereignissen in Mitteleuropa IMK-TRO
Fuel and fire modelling for Central European forests IfGG
Effects of environmental policy area targets on land use and ecosystem services IMK-IFU
Ursachen für die Häufung von Hagelgewittern in der Region oberes Neckartal/Schwäbische Alb IMK-TRO
Closing the gap in the dioctahedral 2:1 layer silicate series CMM
Satellite-based analysis of fog life cycles in the Namib desert IMK-ASF
Management of big 3D geospatial data GIK
Remote sensing of greenhouse gases with FTIR spectroscopy and estimate of their emissions IMK-ASF
Simultionen der australischen Vegetationsbrände 2019/2020 mit dem numerischen Modell ICON IMK-TRO
Pore pressure and stress in the upper crust - implications for fault reactivation and reservoir options AGW
Geostatistical methods for an improved characterization of complex hydrogeological systems AGW
Drivers of continental fog and low cloud development IMK-ASF, IPF
Joint inversion of magnetotelluric and gravity data of geothermal reservoirs AGW, INE
Identification and adaptation of mitigation measures to counteract intensive land subsidence in a tropical delta system - the example of Camau-Peninsula, Southern Vietnam AGW
Connection of the transition to sustainable urban development with smart cities, sensor/big data and their implications IIP
Fluid inclusion systematics in carbonatites and carbonatite-derived rocks AGW
Bodengestütztes InSAR als integratives geodätisches Messsystem für hochgenaue Deformationsmessungen an Infrastrukturobjekten IPF
Der Einfluss temporärer Vergletscherungen auf den Porendruck und das tektonische Spannungsfeld AGW
Evaluation of trace gases using time series of ground-based FTIR observations for the validation of TROPOMI/Sentinel-5 Precursor satellite data IMK-ASF
Arsenic removal from drinking water by membrane technologies: Influence of environmental factors on water quality and process performance IFG-MT
Synthetic LiDAR datasets for an improved understanding of remote sensing-based forest inventory designs IfGG
Direkte numerische Simulation turbulenter Sekundärströmungen über spannweitig inhomogenen Wänden ISTM
Deep Learning in der Vegetationsfernerkundung IfGG
Arsenic mobilization and retention mechanisms along an iron mineral dominated redox gradient AGW
Integration eines hydrologischen Models in ein Decision Support System IWG
Die zeitliche Entwicklung der Undichtigkeit von zementhinterfüllten Speicherbohrungen bei zyklischen Belastungen AGW
Detecting the effects of drought and heat waves on trees and forests in Germany using multimodal time series IMK-IFU
Multi-scale remote sensing and dendro-chronological methods for an improved understanding of forest decline in the Zagros forest area IfGG
Characteristics of hydrothermal fluids in orogenic environments: case studies at Bittuang and Wapsalit geothermal prospects (Indonesia) AGW
Selective lithium extraction from geothermal brines of the Upper Rhine Graben AGW
Co-designing future urban and peri-urban forests to maximize ecosystem services and social-ecological resilience - a case study in upper Rhine river valley, Germany ITAS
Impacts of the interactions of biogenic and anthropogenic emissions on the physical and chemical properties of organic aerosol relevant for air quality and climate (extern at KIT-IMK-AAF) IMK-AAF
The regional climate in the Caspian Sea region during the last glacial cycle IMK-TRO
Hochtemperatur Wärmespeicherung in ehemaligen Kohlenwasserstoffreservoiren AGW
Development of a prognosis tool for the salt water intrusion process into aquifers in the Mekong Delta in the context of land use management and climate change AGW
Experimental investigation of bedload transport and morphodynamics over rough beds IfH
Cohesive sediment dynamic under wave and structural interaction in West coast of Vietnam Mekong delta IWG
Generation of pure hydrogen from wet waste biomass via supercritical water gasification and sequential reforming of the hydrocarbons IKFT
Surface water quality assessment using multi-sensor on multi-level remote sensing in Ca Mau peninsula, Vietnam IPF
Aeration of Free Falling Flows Concerning Weir Overflows IfH
Modelling Arctic Multilayer Mixed Phase Clouds IMK-TRO
Sensor system development for highly time and depth resolved monitoring of vertical gradients and dynamics of surface water quality parameters AGW
Forecasting groundwater levels with Artificial Neural Networks AGW
Anwendung von Multikomponentengeothermometern zur Temperaturabschätzung geothermaler Reservoire AGW
Numerical Modelling of Lava Dynamics AGW
Spatial distribution of aerosol particles in and above the planetary boundary layer studied by scanning LIDAR measurements IMK-AAF