The GRACE-training concept is based on three pillars qualification, internationality and assistance.


Internationalism is one of the fundamental concepts of the Graduate School GRACE, which is also explicitly promoted. For example, a longer stay abroad is mandatory for each GRACE-PhD- student. Furthermore, the international orientation will be shown by:

  • several scholarships each year for excellent international student
  • funding several months stay abroad
  • funding of an guest scientist program
  • funding of international summer schools
  • buddy-system for mentoring of foreign students
  • block course at the ESADE Business School in Barcelona


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Personal steering group

Special emphasis is given in the support of the PhD-Students concerning their PhD-(career-) development and all administrative matters. A personal steering group (PSG), consisting of 3 representatives (supervisor in charge, personal advisor – usually a senior scientist from the KIT- and a member from another institute) supports each PhD student in terms of scientific matters. After the definition of the research aims at the start, the first meeting should take place within 6 months with follow-ups 2 times per year. The main objective of the PSG- Meetings is the monitoring of progress made and adjustment of PhD objectives as well as the elaboration of a detailed work plan. Regular monthly informal group meetings and annual progress reports, which are submitted to the PSG monitors work progress. The PhD students will be strongly encouraged to present their own work to the scientific community at, for example conferences and submit at least one part of their research to a scientific journal within the 3 year PhD period. Additionally the PSG elaborates together with the PhD-student a personal graduate plan (PGP) for the successful completion of the graduate school.