Energy and Environment


The lecture focuses on the environmental impacts arising from fossil fuels use and on the methods for the evaluation of such impacts. The first part of the lecture describes the environmental impacts of air pollutants and greenhouse gases as well as technical measures for emission control. The second part covers methods of impact assessment and their use in environmental communication as well as methods for the scientific support of emission control strategies.

The topics include:

  • Fundamentals of energy conversion
  • Formation of air pollutants during combustion
  • Technical measures to control emissions from fossil-fuel combustion processes
  • External effects of energy supply (life cycle analyses of selected energy systems)
  • Environmental communication on energy services (e.g. electricity labelling, carbon footprint)
  • Integrated Assessment Modelling to support the European Clean Air Strategy
  • Cost-effectiveness analyses and cost-benefit analyses for emission control strategies
  • Monetary valuation of external effects (external costs)
Language of instructionGerman

Die Literaturhinweise sind in den Vorlesungsunterlagen enthalten (vgl. ILIAS)