GRACE PhD Students

Name Research Topic Professor Institute
Adamu, Fadila Influence of paleoweathering and fluid chemistry on critical metal mineralization in the Delitzsch carbonatite, Eastern Germany Prof. Jochen Kolb AGW
Ahmad, Tanveer Geochemistry and petrology of the Kohistan Batholith Granitoids from Central Kohistan Magmatic Arc in northern Swat, Pakistan Prof. Kirsten Drüppel AGW
Albers, Anna Analysis of the heat transport in borehole heat exchangers Prof. Philipp Blum AGW
Ali, Naveed Nitrogen removal from municipal wastewater using partial denitrification-anammox (PD-A) process Dr. Stephen Fuchs IWG
Alifdini, Inovasita Changing cumulative risks from extreme windstorms in a changing climate Prof. Joaquim Pinto IMKTRO
Almeida Yakouchenkova, Iulia Milena A novel approach to valuation of ecosystem services from urban forests Dr. Somidh Saha ITAS
Andaladi Thekkethil, Shruthi Gopirajan Assessment of fire regime and socio-ecological responses to forest fire in the Western Himalayan Region: a socio-ecological case study on the fire prone districts of Uttarakhand Dr. Somidh Saha ITAS
de Araujo Silva, Andressa The formation of atypical orogenic Au deposits: insight from Finnland greenstone belts Prof. Jochen Kolb AGW
Correia Leite Arthuzzi, Jorge Magma evolution in space and time along the Kuboos-Bremen Line Prof. Jochen Kolb AGW
Ayajuru, Nelson Chinaka Characterization of ore-forming fluids and genetic model of gold deposits through fluid inclusion and isotope studies Prof. Jochen Kolb AGW
Bala, Elzina How does the vertical structure of the tropical atmosphere determine the response of tropical rain belts to global warming? Prof. Peter Knippertz IMKTRO
Banon, Fabrice Suburbanisierung als Motor der Stadtentwicklung in Westafrika. Ein Analyse der Akteure, ihrer Strategien und Maßnahmen zur Erklärung der Prozesse städtischen Wachstums anhand ausgewählter Agglomerationen Prof. Joachim Vogt IfR
Bauer, Jonas Dynamics of ground- and surface water quality caused by intensive land subsidence, climate- and landuse changes in the southern Mekong Delta, Vietnam Prof. Stefan Norra AGW
Beckmann-Wübbelt, Angela Räumliche Bewertung der Ökosystemleistungen städtischer Wälder zur Untersuchung von Möglichkeiten für naturbasierte Lösungen: Eine Studie aus Kumasi, Ghana Dr. Somidh Saha ITAS
Blomley, Rosemarie Investigation on vegetational structures based on full-waveform laser scanning analysis Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF
Bruckert, Julia The effect of in-plume chemistry on the initial fate of volcanic emissions reaching the upper troposphere and stratosphere Prof. Corinna Hoose IMKTRO
Bruno, Olimpia Investigation of the cloud top phase distribution with datasets from a passive satellite sensor Prof. Corinna Hoose IMKTRO
Campoverde, Andrea Impact of recent and future drought events on river discharge and fluvial transport sector for the Rhine River Dr. Uwe Ehret IMKTRO
Chatzopoulou, Anthi On the future evolution of UV and visible solar radiation arising from projected changes in atmospheric composition Prof. Peter Braesicke IMKASF
Chawla, Jayati Urban Heat and Environmental Justice Dr. Susanne Benz IPF
Degenhardt, Tino Ableitung von Ökosystemdienstleistungen aus Bodenwasserhaushaltsparametern unter Berücksichtigung des Klimawandels für Trinkwasserschutzgebiete am Bespiel der Region Bühl Prof. Jochen Kolb AGW
Dörr, Felix Land susidence and ground water dynamics in delta regions with focus on the Vietnamese Mekong Delta Prof. Franz Nestmann, Prof. Stefan Norra AGW
Ezenobi, Uzoamaka Temperature and humidity dependence of SOA formation from camphene and its mixtures with isoprene, monoterpenes, and sesquiterpenes Prof. Patrick Théato IMKAAF
Farshian Abbasi, Anis Deep learning for remote sensing applications Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF
Feld, Lena Variability og greenhouse gases in SE Europe Prof. Peter Braesicke IMKASF
Gafna, Dikko Drivers of diversity and distribution of medicinal plants in savanna drylands - A case study from Kenya Prof. Sebastian Schmidtlein IfGG
Githenya, Lincoln Petrology, Tectonics and Economic Mineral Evaluation of the Neoproterozoic Mozambique belt rocks of Tharaka area, Kitui County, Eastern Kenya Prof. Jochen Kolb AGW
Gkirmpas, Panagiotis Development and validation of an intergraded inverse numerical modeling methodology for the assessment of urban air quality Prof. Michael Beigl TecO
Glocke, Patricia Effects of subsurface temperatures on urban heat Dr. Susanne Benz IPF
Goldberg, Valentin Selective precipitation of dissolved minerals of geothermal brines Prof. Thomas Kohl AGW
Haitz, Dennis Automatisierte Schadensdetektion an Industrieobjekten mittels multisensorieller berührungsloser 3D-Datenerfassung Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF
Hamel, Adrian Angularly-resolved polarisation properties of atmospheric ice crystals Dr. Emma Jävinen IMKAAF
Hanft, Valentin POF - Prognostic Ozone for ICON Prof. Peter Braesicke IMKASF
Hühn, Elias Simulation and observations of hail growth processes and hail trajectories Prof. Michael Kunz IMKTRO
Hundhausen, Marie Convection permitting climate simulations of extremes and their benefit for local adaptation measures in Southern Germany Prof. Joaquim Pinto IMKTRO
Ibrahimli, Mehdi Automatic delineation and classification of homogeneous sedimentary facies in acoustic imaging Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF
Ioannides, Giannis Simulation of pollutant emissions in cities created by transportation means Prof. Michael Beigl TecO
Ioannidou, Georgia Catalytic upgrading of residual biomass derived alcohols towards lower olefins production Prof. Jörg Sauer IKFT
Ioannidou, Soultana Catalytic conversion of biomass derived sugars towards oxygenated precursors of hydrocarbon transportation fuels Prof. Jörg Sauer IKFT
Jäger, Miriam Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) applied to Laser Scanning for improved mapping Prof. Boris Jutzi IPF
Jia, Yichen Constraining aerosol-low cloud interactions with multi-target machine learning Prof. Jan Cermak IMKASF / IPF
Kamm, Bettina Water vapour estimation from PS-InSAR observations for 3D tomography of the atmosphere Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF
Keinert, Alice Laboruntersuchungen zu Sekundäreisprozessen in Mischphasenwolken Prof. Thomas Leisner IMKASK
Kern, Jens Retrieval of biophysical parameters from multimodal close-range remote sensing data Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF
Kistner, Frederick Entwicklung und Erprobung der Footprint Identification Technique (FIT) zur Identifikation von Tier-Individuen mittels bildbasierter Verfahren Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF
Krikau, Svea Mehrskaliges Monitoring der Gewässerparameter Chlorophyll und Trübung in Fließgewässern mittels Methoden der Fernerkundung Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF
Küpfer, Katharina Serielles Clustering von Extremwetterereignissen in Mitteleuropa Prof. Michael Kunz IMKTRO
Labenski, Pia Fuel and fire modelling for Central European forests Prof. Sebastian Schmidtlein IfGG
Laimer, Tobias Effects of environmental policy area targets on land use and ecosystem services Prof. Almut Arneth IMKIFU
Latt, Melissa Ursachen für die Häufung von Hagelgewittern in der Region oberes Neckartal/Schwäbische Alb Prof. Peter Knippertz IMKTRO
Lee, Haegyeong Reconciling the groundwater heat transport mechanisms in heteroogeneous sediments at different scales Prof. Philipp Blum AGW
Li, Yanxia Biogenic volatile organic compounds concentrations and their conversion to oxidized VOCs and secondary organic aerosol particles Prof. Jan Cermak IMKAAF
Liu, Yi-Yu Closing the gap in the dioctahedral 2:1 layer silicate series Prof. Katja Emmerich CMM
Lo, Nga Ying Generation and examination of global IASI satellite data on regional long-term scales Prof. Peter Braesicke IMKASF
Malik, Deepanshu Mapping fog and its ecological impacts in the Namib Desert with satellite observations and deep learning Prof. Jan Cermak IMKASF / IPF
Mass, Alexandre Satellite-based analysis of fog life cycles in the Namib desert Prof. Jan Cermak IMKASF
Mazroob, Nima Management of big 3D geospatial data Prof. Martin Breunig GIK
Müller, Yanina Towards an improved understanding of transport processes governing the spatiotemporal dynamics of particles and fecal bacteria in karst aquifers Prof. Nico Goldscheider AGW
Muth, Lisa Janina Simultionen der australischen Vegetationsbrände 2019/2020 mit dem numerischen Modell ICON Prof. Corinna Hoose IMKTRO
Nasir, Muhammad Tracing the magmatic and metamorphic evolution of carbonatites – the syn- and pre-orogenic carbonatites of Pakistan Prof. Jochen Kolb AGW
Niederhuber, Thomas Pore pressure and stress in the upper crust - implications for fault reactivation and reservoir options Prof. Frank Schilling AGW
Petrovska, Ivana Geometric accuracy analysis of complex 3D structures reconstructed by Neural Radiance Fields (NeRFs) Prof. Boris Jutzi IPF
Pham, Van Cam Identification and adaptation of mitigation measures to counteract intensive land subsidence in a tropical delta system - the example of Camau-Peninsula, Southern Vietnam Prof. Stefan Norra AGW
Rahman, Irvanu Importance of cultural ecosystem services from green space for increasing social-ecological resilience during urban transformation towards sustainability - a participatory system dynamics-based assessment in Indonesian cities Prof. Armin Grundwald ITAS
Rambhia, Mihir Connection of the transition to sustainable urban development with smart cities, sensor/big data and their implications   IIP
Raza, Mohsin Fluid inclusion systematics in carbonatites and carbonatite-derived rocks Prof. Jochen Kolb AGW
Riehm, Albert Genesis of REE and Niobium mineralization in Carbonatites from Namibia/Angola Prof. Kirsten Drüppel AGW
Röckel, Luisa Der Einfluss temporärer Vergletscherungen auf den Porendruck und das tektonische Spannungsfeld Prof. Frank Schilling AGW
Röhling, Amelie Ninja Evaluation of trace gases using time series of ground-based FTIR observations for the validation of TROPOMI/Sentinel-5 Precursor satellite data Prof. Jan Cermak IMKASF
Schäfer, Jannika Synthetic LiDAR datasets for an improved understanding of remote sensing-based forest inventory designs Prof. Sebastian Schmidtlein IfGG
Schiefer, Felix Deep Learning in der Vegetationsfernerkundung Prof. Sebastian Schmidtlein IfGG
Schulz, Marcel Die zeitliche Entwicklung der Undichtigkeit von zementhinterfüllten Speicherbohrungen bei zyklischen Belastungen Prof. Frank Schilling AGW
Schwarz, Selina Detecting the effects of drought and heat waves on trees and forests in Germany using multimodal time series Prof. Nadine Rühr IMKIFU
Sibarani, Betseba Characteristics of hydrothermal fluids in orogenic environments: case studies at Bittuang and Wapsalit geothermal prospects (Indonesia) Prof. Jochen Kolb AGW
Slunitschek, Klemens Selective lithium extraction from geothermal brines of the Upper Rhine Graben Prof. Jochen Kolb AGW
Son, Jaewon Co-designing future urban and peri-urban forests to maximize ecosystem services and social-ecological resilience - a case study in upper Rhine river valley, Germany Prof. Somidh Saha ITAS
Sperka, Christian Managing European Hail Risk under Climate Change (HAR-CC) Prof. Michael Kunz IMKTRO
Stadelmaier, Kim The regional climate in the Caspian Sea region during the last glacial cycle Prof. Joaquim Pinto IMKTRO
Stricker, Kai Robin Hochtemperatur Wärmespeicherung in ehemaligen Kohlenwasserstoffreservoiren Prof. Thomas Kohl AGW
Thomas, Julia The added value of campaign observations for high-resolution numerical weather prediction of summer-time convection Prof. Peter Knippertz IMKTRO
Tonn, Mathis Assessing the Impact of Hailstorms in a Future Climate (HailClim) Prof. Michael Kunz IMKTRO
Tran, Viet Hoan Development of a prognosis tool for the salt water intrusion process into aquifers in the Mekong Delta in the context of land use management and climate change Prof. Stefan Norra AGW
Trinh, Cong Dan Cohesive sediment dynamic under wave and structural interaction in West coast of Vietnam Mekong delta Prof. Franz Nestmann IWG
Vadarlis, Athanasios Generation of pure hydrogen from wet waste biomass via supercritical water gasification and sequential reforming of the hydrocarbons Prof. Jörg Sauer IKFT
Vu Huu, Long Surface water quality assessment using multi-sensor on multi-level remote sensing in Ca Mau peninsula, Vietnam Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF
Wagner, Markus Aeration of Free Falling Flows Concerning Weir Overflows Prof. Olivier Eiff IfH
Wallentin, Gabriella Linnea Modelling Arctic Multilayer Mixed Phase Clouds Prof. Corinna Hoose IMKTRO
Wilhelms, Andre Sensor system development for highly time and depth resolved monitoring of vertical gradients and dynamics of surface water quality parameters Prof. Stefan Norra AGW
Wu, Chunying Impact of climate change and environmental water delivery on floodplain vegetation:  a case study of a connected floodplain-lakes system Prof. Stefan Norra AGW
Yström, Lars Anwendung von Multikomponentengeothermometern zur Temperaturabschätzung geothermaler Reservoire Prof. Thomas Kohl AGW
Zeinalova, Natalya Numerical Modelling of Lava Dynamics Prof. Frank Schilling AGW
Zhang, Hengheng Spatial distribution of aerosol particles in and above the planetary boundary layer studied by scanning LIDAR measurements Prof. Thomas Leisner IMKAAF