Steering Committee

Institution Name
KIT Climate and Environment Center (ZKU) Scientific Spokesperson ZKU Prof. Christoph Hilgers
Topic "Atmosphere and Climate" Prof. Thomas Leisner
Topic "Water" Prof. Olivier Eiff
Topic "Geological Resources" Prof. Jochen Kolb
Topic "Ecosystems" Dr. Nadine Rühr
Topic "Stadt.Forschung" Prof. Michael Janoschka
Topic "Natural Hazards and Risk Management" Prof. Michael Kunz
Topic "AI in Environmental Sciences" Prof. Stefan Hinz
TU Darmstadt Prof. Liselotte Schebeck
Relevant persons at KIT Karlsruhe House of Young Scientists (KHYS) Dr. Britta Trautwein
Division "Natural and Built Environment" Prof. Johannes Orphal
GRACE Spokesperson Prof. Stefan Hinz
Coordinator Dr. Andreas Schenk
PhD student representatives M.Sc. Angela Beckmann-Wübbelt
M.Sc. Jaewon Son
M.Sc. Marcel Schulz
M.Sc. Dennis Haitz