GRACE Alumni

Name Title Supervisor Institute Final year
Bondy, Jan Catchment water balance in data-scarce environments – what insights does the Budyko framework provide? Prof. Erwin Zehe IWG 2023
Dörr, Nils Integrated land subsidence monitoring Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF 2023
Fahrmeier, Nikolai Cross-scale hydraulic characterization of a major karst aquifer for drinking water supply Prof. Nico Goldscheider AGW 2023
Fan, Xinyan Quantifying the Impact of Climate Variability and Change on Groundwater Prof. Nico Goldscheider AGW 2023
Feng, Jiang Formation mechanism, chemical characteristics and optical properties of brown carbon aerosol Prof. Stefan Norra IMK-AAF 2023
Fischer, Karen Design of P3HT:Fullerene Nanoparticle Dispersions for the Fabrication of Organic Solar Cells Prof. Alexander Colsmann LTI 2023
Gafna, Dikko Medicinal Plant Distribution and Supply: Conservation Issues and Implications Prof. Sebastian Schmidtlein IFGG 2023
Pavez, Maximiliano Joint inversion of magnetotelluric and gravity data of geothermal reservoirs Prof. Thomas Kohl AGW / INE 2023
Schäfer, Kay Turbulent large-scale structures over heterogeneous surfaces Prof. Bettina Frohnapfel ISTM 2023
Schneider, Magnus Arsenic mobilization and retention mechanisms along an iron mineral dominated redox gradient Prof. Thomas Neumann AGW 2023
Schroers, Samuel A Thermodynamic Framework for Surface Runoff Prof. Erwin Zehe IWG 2023
Alberti, Carlos Ground based FTIR observations of greenhouse gas emissions in the Rhine valley and Russia by using the EM27/SUN instrument Prof. Johannes Orphal IMK-ASF 2022
Bhowmick, Debjit Walk-sharing - A smarter way to improve pedestrian safety and safety perception in urban spaces Prof. Peter Vortisch IFV 2022
Braun, Christoph Can the Jormungand hypothesis be an alternative explanation for the Neoproterozoic pan-glaciations? Prof. Joaquim Pinto IMK-TRO 2022
Fernandes de Freitas, Alena Expandierende Energiesysteme am Beispiel Perus Prof. Joachim Vogt IFR 2022
Gao, Linyu Temperature dependence of the molecular composition and volatility of secondary organic aerosol Prof. Stefan Norra IMK-AAF 2022
Hale, Sina Coupled hydraulic-mechanical-chemical processes in porous and fractured rocks Prof. Philipp Blum AGW 2022
Holz, Philipp Rekonstruktion von paläoklimatischen Extremereignissen in Süddeutschland anhand von Speläothemen in Kombination mit historischen Stadtarchiven Prof. Thomas Neumann AGW 2022
Kotsuka, Luziadne Required minimal resolutions for modeling and monitoring the water quality dynamics of Passauna's reservoir Prof. Stephan Fuchs IWG 2022
Muser, Lukas Optimierung der Vorhersage von Vulkanasche- und Sulfat- Konzentrationen in ICON-ART mit Hilfe von Daten Assimilation Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK-TRO 2022
Nichersu, Alexandru Scale conscientious modeling and monitoring of the urban energy chain Prof. Stefan Hinz EIFER 2022
Ohmer, Marc Optimization Strategies for Spatio-temporal Groundwater Dynamics Monitoring Prof. Nico Goldscheider AGW 2022
Pauli, Eva Drivers of continental fog and low cloud development Prof. Jan Cermak IMK-ASF 2022
Samanta, Prantik Arsenic removal from drinking water by membrane technologies: Influence of environmental factors on water quality and process performance Prof. Andrea Iris Schäfer IFG-MT 2022
Shirazian, Shadi Options for Earthquake Event Reduction in Stochastic Loss Modelling Prof. Friedemann Wenzel GPI 2022
Shtirkin, Yefim Impacts of clogging minerals and groundwater extraction on mobility of arsenic in aquifers Prof. Stefan Norra AGW 2022
Song, Junwei Online Chemical Characterization of Volatile Organic Compounds and Aerosol Particles at Urban and Rural Locations Prof. Stefan Norra IMK-AAF 2022
Tran, Diep Anh Karst and cave development and groundwater resources of Dong Van Karst Plateau, Northern Vietnam Prof. Nico Goldscheider AGW 2022
Werling, Nadja Thermal and Alkaline Activation of Model Clays for the Production of Geopolymer Binders Prof. Katja Emmerich CMM 2022
Wunsch, Andreas Forecasting groundwater levels with Artificial Neural Networks Prof. Nico Goldscheider AGW 2022
Banon, Fabrice Suburbanisierung als Motor der Stadtentwicklung in Westafrika. Ein Analyse der Akteure, ihrer Strategien und Maßnahmen zur Erklärung der Prozesse städtischen Wachstums anhand ausgewählter Agglomerationen Prof. Joachim Vogt IfR 2021
Birami, Benjamin Carbon and water dynamics during combined heat, drought and elevated atmospheric CO2 in Pinus halepensis seedlings Prof. Almut Arneth IMK-IFU 2021
Braun, Marleen Ozone hole impacts on surface temperatures under climate change Prof. Peter Braesicke IMK-ASF 2021
Diekmann, Christopher Analysis of stable water isotopes in tropospheric moisture during the West African Monsoon Prof. Peter Braesicke IMK-ASF 2021
Digiacomo, Flavia Mobility and Reactivity of Sulfate Green Rust and Sulfidized Nanoscale Zerovalent Iron for In-Situ Remediation of Chromium Contaminated Sites Prof. Thomas Neumann AGW 2021
Giovanella, Anna Automatische redundanzfreie Generierung von Topologie aus multidimensionalen geographischen Datenbeständen Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF 2021
Guth, Johanna Enhancing OpenStreetMap for the Assessment of Critical Road Infrastructure in a Disaster Context Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF 2021
Hübner, Patrick Indoor Mapping and Reconstruction with Mobile Augmented Reality Sensor Systems Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF 2021
Maier, Philipp Towards a Generalized Machine Learning Approach for Estimating Chlorophyll Values in Inland Waters with Spectral Data Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF 2021
Rehschuh, Romy Stress and recovery dynamics in Scots pine: The impacts of heat and drought on carbon and water cycling Prof. Nadine Rühr IMK-IFU 2021
Rohde, Anika The Impact of the Snow-Darkening Effect on Snow Cover and the Atmosphere During a Major Dust Event Across Eurasia Prof. Jan Cermak IMK-TRO 2021
Sarkar, Raju Wirkungen von Katastrophen auf das soziale Gefüge am Beispiel der Trinkwasserversorgung im ländlichen Südwesten von Bangladesch Prof. Joachim Vogt IfR 2021
Scharun, Christian Modellierung von Methan mit ICON-ART Prof. Peter Braesicke IMK-ASF 2021
Trevisson, Michele Experimental investigation of bedload transport and morphodynamics over rough beds Prof. Olivier Eiff IFH 2021
Vallon, Magdalena Aufbau eines Sonnensimulators an der Simulationskammer AIDA und photochemische Experimente an Aerosolpartikeln und Gasen Prof. Matthias Olzmann IMK-AAF 2021
Waitz, Fritz On the Discrimination and Interaction of Droplets and Ice in Mixed-Phase Clouds Prof. Thomas Leisner IMK-AAF 2021
Wang, Hongyan Arsenic mobilization processes in inland sediment basins – the example of the Hetao Basin Prof. Stefan Norra AGW 2021
Wilhelm, Jannik Einfluss atmosphärischer Umgebungsbedingungen auf den Lebenszyklus konvektiver Zellen in der Echtzeit-Vorhersage Prof. Michael Kunz IMK-TRO 2021
Zheng, Yaoyao Effects of spatial resolution on radar-based precipitation estimation using sub-kilometer X-band radar measurements Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK-TRO 2021
Albern, Nicole The radiative impact of clouds on the response of the midlatitude circulation to global warming Prof. Joaquim Pinto IMK-TRO 2020
Friedrich, Jasmin Nachhaltigkeitsbewertung von Systemalternativen zur Transformation des Wasser-Energie-Nexus im städtischen Gebäudebestand Prof. Armin Grunwald ITAS 2020
Gasch, Philipp Advancing airborne Doppler lidar wind measurements for atmospheric boundary layer research Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK-TRO 2020
Hillemann, Markus Entwicklung fortgeschrittener Methoden zur Navigation und 3D Rekonstruktion von multisensoriellen Kleinplattformen in der Photogrammetrie Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF 2020
Ilehag, Rebecca Close-Range Urban Material Classification with Hyperspectral and Textural Features Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF 2020
Ketzer, Daniel Land Use Conflicts between Agriculture and Energy Production - Systems Approaches to Allocate Potentials for Bioenergy and Agrophotovoltaics Prof. Christine Rösch ITAS 2020
Merk, Markus Hydrologic Processes on Steep Hillslopes Across Different Scales: From Soil Water Dynamics to Spring Water Chemisty Prof. Nico Goldscheider AGW 2020
Onjira, Phoebe Pauline Influence of landuse changes and climate change on hydrological partitioning in semiarid river basin Prof. Franz Nestmann IWG 2020
Pace, Rocco Modeling ecosystem services of urban trees to improve air quality and microclimate Prof. Rüdiger Grote IMK-IFU 2020
Papavasileiou, Georgios The role of cloud-radiative effects and diabatic processes for the dynamics of the North Atlantic Oscillation on synoptic time-scales Prof. Peter Knippertz IMK-TRO 2020
Riese, Felix Development and Applications of Machine Learning Methods for Hyperspectral Data Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF 2020
Singh, Shweta Convective precipitation simulated with ICON over heterogeneous surfaces in dependence on model and land-surface resolution Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK-TRO 2020
Sotiri, Klajdi Integrated Sediment Yield and Stock Assessment for the Passaúna Reservoir, Brazil Prof. Stefan Hinz IWG 2020
Stirnberg, Roland Environmental Influences on Patterns of Atmospheric Particulate Matter: a Quantitative Study Using Ground- and Satellite-Based Observations Prof. Jan Cermak IMK-ASF / IPF 2020
Thomas, Andrew Control of As and Cr speciation by reactive iron mineral-mediated redox reactions: Development of in situ remediation methods Prof. Thomas Neumann AGW 2020
Tissen, Carolin Increased Groundwater Temperatures and Their Potential for Shallow Geothermal Use in Urban Areas Prof. Philipp Blum AGW 2020
Yang, Jingwei Algal dynamics in Lake Taihu, an example for shallow eutrophic lakes - from monitoring to modelling Prof. Stefan Norra AGW 2020
Brosy, Caroline Hexacopter-based Three-dimensional Measurements of Hydrometeorological Variables and Methane Prof. Harald Kunstmann IMK-IFU 2019
Caldas Álvarez, Alberto Atmospheric Moisture Effects on Deep Convection in the Western Mediterranean Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK-TRO 2019
Cienfuegos, Bernardo Analysis and optimization of sustainable transport processes of biomass for power plants Prof. Liselotte Schebek ITAS 2019
Helgert, Sebastian Impact of Soil Moisture-Atmosphere Interactions on the Development of Extreme Weather in the Western Mediterranean Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK-TRO 2019
Heublein, Marion GNSS and InSAR based water vapor tomography: A Compressive Sensing solution Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF 2019
Huang, Wei Molecular Level Analysis of Atmospheric Organic Compounds Prof. Stefan Norra IMK-AAF / IfGG / AGW 2019
Johansson, Sören Analysis of the unusually cold Arctic winter 2015/16 lowermost stratosphere by airborne and satellite observations and atmospheric models Prof. Michael Höpfner IMK-ASF 2019
Lopatin Fourcade, Javier Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Vegetation Mapping: Opportunities and Challenges Prof. Sebastian Schmidtlein IfGG 2019
Loritz, Ralf The role of energy and information in hydrological modeling Prof. Erwin Zehe IWG 2019
Müller, Markus Camera Re-Localization with Data Augmentation by Image Rendering and Image-to-Image Translation Prof. Boris Jutzi IPF 2019
Nothstein, Arno Speleothem-based reconstruction of the palaeohydrology in the tropical western Pacific Prof. Thomas Neumann AGW 2019
Reichardt, Isabelle Numerische Analyse der Parametrisierung des Immersionsgefrierens sowie der Aerosolprozessierung in orographischen Mischphasenwolken Prof. Corinna Hoose IMK-TRO 2019
Schroth, Eva Analysis of temporal variations of gravimetric tidal parameters Prof. Bernhard Heck GIK 2019
Schweizer, Daniel Integrated hydrogeological and geochemical processes in swelling clay-sulfate rocks Prof. Christoph Butscher AGW 2019
Shen, Xiaoli Single Particle Characterisation of Atmospheric Aerosol Particles in Remote, Rural, and Urban Locations of Central Europe Prof. Stefan Norra IMK-AAF / IFGG / AGW 2019
Siedersleben, Simon Numerical Analysis of Offshore Wind Farm Wakes and their Impact on the Marine Boundary Layer Prof. Stefan Emeis IMK-IFU 2019
Tu, Qiansi Observation of atmospheric greenhouse gas abundances on regional scales in boreal areas using portable FTIR Spectrometers Prof. Thomas von Clarmann IMK-ASF 2019
Wagner, Adrian Event-Based Measurement and Mean Annual Flux Assessment of Suspended Sediment in Meso Scale Catchments Prof. Stephan Fuchs IWG 2019
Xiao, Guorui Multi-frequency and multi-GNSS PPP phase bias estimation and ambiguity resolution Prof. Bernhard Heck GIK 2019
Frey, Matthias Characterisation and application of portable solar absorption spectrometers for the detection of greenhouse gas emissions from regional anthropogenic sources Prof. Johannes Orphal IMK-ASF 2018
Gruber, Simon Contrails and Climate Engineering - Process Studies on Natural and Artificial High-Level Clouds and Their Impact on the Radiative Fluxes Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK-TRO 2018
Hackenbruch, Julia Anpassungsrelevante Klimaänderungen für städtische Baustrukturen und Wohnquartiere Prof. Joachim Vogt IMK-TRO 2018
Herrera, Rocio Juliana Die Politische Ökologie als Instrument zur Analyse der Regulation von Wassernutzungen - Das Beispiel des oberen Río Negro im Norden Patagoniens, Argentinien Prof. Joachim Vogt IfR 2018
Kattenborn, Teja Linking Canopy Reflectance and Plant Functioning through Radiative Transfer Models Prof. Sebastian Schmidtlein IfGG 2018
Pilavtepe, Müge Microstructure and Rheology of Colloidal Natural Clay Mineral Dispersions Prof. Norbert Willenbacher MVM-AME 2018
Rojas, Luisa Funktionen, Potenziale und Restrukturierung urbaner Fließgewässer in Medellín / Kolumbien Prof. Joachim Vogt IfR 2018
Walter, Carolin Simulationen der Ausbreitung von Vulkanasche unter expliziter Berücksichtigung der optischen Eigenschaften der Aschepartikel Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK-TRO 2018
Börsig, Nicolas Immobilisierung gelöster Selen-Oxyanionen während der Bildung der Eisenoxide Hämatit und Magnetit Prof. Thomas Neumann AGW 2017
Chen, Zhao Modeling a geologically complex karst aquifer system, Hochifen-Gottesacker, Alps Prof. Nico Goldscheider AGW 2017
Deetz, Konrad Assessing the Aerosol Impact on Southern West African Clouds and Atmospheric Dynamics Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK-TRO 2017
Eckert, Ellen Changes in Stratospheric Circulation: Evidence and Possible Explanations - Änderungen der stratosphärischen Zirkulation: Evidenz und Erklärungsansätze Prof. Thomas von Clarmann IMK-ASF 2017
Fluck, Elody Hail statistics for European countries Prof. Michael Kunz IMK-TRO 2017
Hagemann, Rowell Erhöhung städtischer Luftschadstoffkonzentrationen - AERO-TRAM Messungen und COSMO-ART Simulationen Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK-TRO 2017
Held, Sebastian Exploration of Villarrica Geothermal System using Geophysical and Geochemical Techniques Prof. Thomas Kohl AGW 2017
Klassen, Irina Three-dimensional Numerical Modeling of Cohesive Sediment Flocculation Processes in Turbulent Flows Prof. Franz Nestmann IWG 2017
Loewe, Katharina Arctic mixed-phase clouds : Macro- and microphysical insights with a numerical model Prof. Corinna Hoose IMK-TRO 2017
Potsch, Sebastian Stabilität von Selen-dotiertem Pyrit unter variablen hydrochemischen Bedingungen Prof. Thomas Neumann AGW 2017
Schad, Tobias Albedo Enhancement via Brightening of Stratocumulus Clouds as Climate Engineering Method Prof. Thomas Leisner IMK-TRO 2017
Schiebel, Thea Ice Nucleation Activity of Soil Dust Aerosols Prof. Thomas Leisner IMK-AAF 2017
Schmidt, Johannes Remote sensing in support of conservation and management of heathland vegetation Prof. Sebastian Schmidtlein IfGG 2017
Schnetzer, Florian The Interaction of Water and 2:1 Layer Silicates Prof. Katja Emmerich IFG 2017
Schröter, Jennifer Modelling of the interaction between radiation and the atmospheric composition with ICON-ART Prof. Peter Braesicke IMK-ASF 2017
Banning, Helena Selenium Isotope Studies in Plants - Development and Validation of a Novel Geochemical Tool and its Application to Organic Samples Prof. Thoma Neumann AGW 2016
Böhnke, Denise Habitat ecology and microclimatic influences on the distribution of Ixodes ricinus ticks in Baden-Württemberg Prof. Stefan Norra IfGG 2016
Chen, Yuan Long-term effects of mitigation measures and meteorological conditions on aerosol characteristics in Beijing, China Prof. Stefan Norra AGW 2016
Cote Alarcon, Mauricio Study of anthropogenic carbon stocks dynamics for evaluation of future waste resources and environmental impacts Prof. Liselotte Schebek ITAS 2016
Damian, Thomas Coherent Structures in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Measured by Dual Doppler Lidar Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK-TRO 2016
Dittrich, Andre Real-Time Event Analysis and Spatial Information Extraction From Text Using Social Media Data Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF 2016
Fuhrmann, Thomas Surface Displacements from Fusion of Geodetic Measurement Techniques Applied to the Upper Rhine Graben Area Prof. Bernhard Heck GIK 2016
Grombein, Thomas Gravity forward modeling with a tesseroid-based Rock-Water-Ice approach – Theory and applications in the context of the GOCE mission and height system unification Prof. Bernhard Heck GIK 2016
Hack, Norman Refraktäre organische Substanzen im Kapillarsaum: ihre Dynamik, Gradienten und Reaktionen Prof. Fritz H. Frimmel EBI 2016
Herrmann, Christoph Entwicklung eines trackingfähigen optischen Messsystems zur Posenbestimmung Prof. Maria Hennes GIK 2016
Karami, Khalil Diagnosing the Role of Planetary Wave Propagation for the Coupling of the Middle Atmosphere to the Troposphere Prof. Peter Braesicke IMK-ASF 2016
Kiel, Matthäus Trace gas measurements from different spectral regions using FTIR spectroscopy Prof. Johannes Orphal IMK-ASF 2016
Kubanek, Julia Volcano monitoring with bistatic TanDEM-X SAR interferometry Prof. Bernhard Heck GIK 2016
Kuper, Paul Spatio-Temporal Data Handling for Generic Mobile Geoinformation Systems Prof. Martin Breunig GIK 2016
Lindauer, Matthias Ecosystem-Atmosphere Exchange over a wind-throw-disturbed upland spruce forest in the Bavarian Forest National Park Prof. Hans Peter Schmid IMK-IFU 2016
Littwin, Nina Vanessa Of ticks, mice and men - shaping the ecology of tick-borne pathogens in Baden-Württemberg Prof. Horst Taraschewski ZOO 2016
Lott, Friederike Wind Systems in the Dead Sea and Footprints in Seismic Records Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK-TRO 2016
Metzger, Jutta Wind Systems and Energy Balance in the Dead Sea Valley Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK-TRO 2016
Peckhaus, Andreas Study of phase transition in atmospheric aerosols: freezing and efflorescence of complex aqueous mixtures Prof. Thomas Leisner IMK-AAF 2016
Rieger, Daniel Der Einfluss von natürlichem Aerosol auf Wolken über Mitteleuropa Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK-TRO 2016
Röhner, Luisa Heavy Precipitation Events in the Western Mediterranean Area: Physical Processes and Predictability Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK-TRO 2016
Sokoray-Varga, Béla Detecting flow events in turbulent flow of vertical-slot fish passes Prof. Franz Nestmann IWG 2016
Ulrich, Thomas Uncertainty Modelling of High-precision Trajectories for Industrial Real-time Measurement Applications Prof. Maria Hennes GIK 2016
Bulach, Winfried Stoffstrommanagement biogener Haushaltsabfälle: ein Vergleich der Verwertungswege mittels Ökobilanz und Ökoeffizienzbewertung Prof. Liselotte Schebek ITAS 2015
Christner, Emanuel Messungen von Wasserisotopologen von der planetaren Grenzschicht bis zur oberen Troposphäre zur Untersuchung des hydrologischen Kreislaufs Prof. Johannes Orphal IMK 2015
Dubois, Clémence Interferometric Synthetic Aperture RADAR and Radargrammetry Towards the Categorization of Building Changes Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF 2015
Hahne, Philipp Consistent space-based retrievals of chlorophyll fluorescence and atmospheric CO2 and CH4 for improved estimates of carbon fluxes Prof. Johannes Orphal IMK-ASF 2015
Herrling, Maria Pia Nanoparticles in biofilm systems – assessment of their interactions by magnetic susceptibility balance and magnetic resonance imaging Prof. Harald Horn EBI 2015
Hilgert, Stephan Analysis of spatial and temporal heterogeneities of methane emissions of reservoirs by correlating hydro-acoustic with sediment parameters Prof. Stefan Hinz IWG 2015
Hoffmann, Nadine Experimental Study on the Contact Freezing of Supercooled Micro-Droplets in Electrodynamic Balance Prof. Thomas Leisner IMK 2015
Holbach, Andreas Water Quality and Pollutant Dynamics in the Three Gorges Reservoir on the Yangtze River, China Prof. Stefan Norra AGW 2015
Jackisch, Conrad Linking structure and functioning of hydrological systems - How to achieve necessary experimental and model complexity with adequate effort Prof. Erwin Zehe IWG 2015
Keller, Sina Datenbasierte Analyse und Modellbildung zur Abschätzung spezifischer Gefahren des Klimawandels für Straßen - Methodik und Szenarien Prof. Joachim Vogt IfR 2015
Kraut, Isabel Separating the Aerosol Effect in Case of a "Medicane" Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK-TRO 2015
Kürner, Fabienne Actor-network services in the Arctic – Development of a theoretical and methodological concept to assess interdependencies between nature and society Prof. Stefan Norra IfGG 2015
Nieder, Holger Modellstudien zur Untersuchung des Einflusses solarer Prozesse auf die mittlere Atmosphäre Prof. Johannes Orphal IMK-ASF 2015
Nothstein, Alexandra Selenium Transfer between Kaolinite or Goethite Surfaces, Nutrient Solution and Oryza Sativa Prof. Thomas Neumann AGW 2015
Quinting, Julian The impact of tropical convection on the dynamics and predictability of midlatitude Rossby waves : a climatological study Prof. Sarah C. Jones IMK-TRO 2015
Ren, Meijie TiO2: Application in Photocatalysis for the Degradation of Organic Pollutants and Aggregation Behavior in Aquatic Systems Prof. Fritz H. Frimmel EBI 2015
Schenk, Andreas PS-Interferometrie in urbanen Räumen - Optimierte Schätzung von Oberflächenbewegungen mittels Multi-SBAS Verfahren Prof. Bernhard Heck GIK 2015
Schuffert, Simon Punktkorrespondenzen in Bildpaaren aus projektiven und radiometrischen Invarianzen Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF 2015
Sedlmeier, Katrin Near future changes of compound extreme events from an ensemble of regional climate simulations Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK-TRO 2015
Wegner, Antje Domestic water supply in rural Viet Nam - Between self-supply and piped schemes Prof. Joachim Vogt IfR 2015
Weinmann, Martin Reconstruction and Analysis of 3D Scenes Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF 2015
Adler, Bianca Boundary-Layer Processes Producing Mesoscale Water-Vapour Variability over a Mountainous Island Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK 2014
Fallmann, Joachim Numerical simulations to assess the effect of urban heat island mitigation strategies on regional air quality Prof. Stefan Emeis IMK 2014
Friederich, Felix Auswirkungen präzipitierender Teilchen auf NO und NO2 der oberen Stratosphäre und unteren Mesosphäre: Messungen des Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding (MIPAS) Prof. Johannes Orphal IMK 2014
Geiger, Felix Fast-response measurements of organic trace species in the Earth's atmosphere Prof. Johannes Orphal IMK 2014
Hummel, Matthias Einfluss von biologischen Aerosolpartikeln auf Wolken - Simulationen auf regionaler Skala Prof. Corinna Hoose IMK 2014
Illner, Peter Depositional environment of the Upper Cretaceous oil shales in the Negev Desert, Israel: Geochemical constraints based on trace elements and stable isotopes Prof. Thomas Neumann AGW 2014
Kumar Sha, Mahesh Characterization and Optimization of the new Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer GLORIA Prof. Herbert Fischer IMK-ASF 2014
Lauber, Ute Drainage structures and transit-time distributions in conduit-dominated and fissured karst aquifer systems Prof. Nico Goldscheider AGW 2014
Maurer, Vera Vorhersagbarkeit konvektiver Niederschläge: Hochauflösende Ensemblesimulationen für Westafrika Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK-TRO 2014
Mbah, Melanie "Brain drain" aus Entwicklungsländern? Migrationsmotive und -prozesse Hochqualifizierter am Beispiel von Nigeria Prof. Caroline Kramer IfGG 2014
Schoenball, Martin Evolution of Stress and Seismicity in Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs Prof. Thomas Kohl AGW 2014
Schrader, Stefanie Assessment of air quality in Northern China by using the COSMO-ART model in conjunction with satellite and ground-based data Prof. Stefan Norra IfGG 2014
Shatnawi, Nawras Assessment of Groundwater Potential Zones in the Lower Jordan Valley Using Remote Sensing Approaches Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF / AWG 2014
Stawiarski, Christina Optimizing Dual-Doppler Lidar Measurements of Surface Layer Coherent Structures with Large-Eddy Simulations Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK-TRO 2014
Toprak, Emre Real Time Detection of Primary Biological Aerosol Particles (PBAP) in the context of atmospheric ice formation Prof. Stefan Norra IMK-AAF 2014
Wunder, Sina Zum Fließverhalten um strauchartige Weidengewächse und dessen Auswirkungen auf den Strömungswiderstand Prof. Franz Nestmann IWG 2014
Alshawaf, Fadwa Constructing water vapor maps by fusing InSAR, GNSS and WRF data Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF 2013
Bähr, Hermann Orbital Effects in Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry Prof. Günter Schmitt GIK 2013
Braun, Andreas Eine geoökologische und fernerkundliche Prozessanalyse zum Risikozusammenhang zwischen Landnutzung und Biodiversität an einem Beispiel aus Chile Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF 2013
Fosser, Giorgia Precipitation statistics from regional climate model at resolutions relevant for soil erosion Prof. Christoph Kottmeier IMK 2013
Habig, Jan Christoph Bestimmung von Wasserdampfpartialdrücken und Wasserisotopenverhältnissen mittels resonatorverstärkter Absorptionsspektroskopie Prof. Thomas Leisner IMK-AAF 2013
Kappler, Melanie Ruhestandsmigration der deutschen Nachkriegskohorte. Umzugsneigungen und Umzugspläne im Übergang zum Ruhestand aus individueller Perspektive Prof. Caroline Kramer IfGG 2013
Mallick, Bishawjit Der gesellschaftliche Umgang mit zunehmender Verwundbarkeit: eine Analyse der sozialen Bedingungen für vulnerabilitätsorientierte räumliche Planung in den Küstenzonen von Bangladesch Prof. Joachim Vogt IfR 2013
Richter, Daniela How people describe their place: Approaches to interpreting and formalizing place descriptions Prof. Stefan Hinz IPF 2013
Steinke, Isabell Ice nucleation properties of mineral dusts Prof. Thomas Leisner IMK-AAF 2013
Tang, Xiaohui Separating arsenic oxyanions from natural waters for oxygen isotope analysis Prof. Stefan Norra AGW 2013
Thiele Antje 3d building reconstruction from high-resolution multi-aspect interferometric synthetic aperture radar data Prof. Uwe Sörgel IPF 2013
Woiwode, Wolfgang Qualification of the airborne FTIR spectrometer MIPAS-STR and study on denitrification and chlorine deactivation in Arctic winter 2009/10 Prof. M. Olzmann IMK-ASF 2013
Zeng, Yuefei Efficient Radar Forward Operator for Operational Data Assimilation within the COSMO-model Prof. Klaus D. Beheng IMK-TRO 2013
Bork-Unkelbach, Annika Extrapolation von in-situ Landoberflächentemperaturen auf Satellitenpixel Prof. Johannes Orphal IMK 2012
Kaden, Heike Frequency dependent complex dielectric permittivity and characterization of clay-water mixtures containing swellable and non-swellable clay minerals at low water contents Prof. Katja Emmerich IFG 2012
Sturm-Hentschel, Ulrike Fernerkundungsgestützte Prozessanalyse im Küstenraum Benins Prof. Joachim Vogt IfR / IPF 2012