Time management and self-management for doctoral students

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  • place:

    Haid HS, Geb. 20.40, Englerstr. 7 

  • time:

    18. & 19.07.2013, 9:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m. 

  • start: 07.18.2013
  • lecturer:

    Dr. Sita Schanne

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Being a doctoral student means to experience much more autonomy than in many other fields of activity. This however, requires high levels of self- organization. In this workshop you will be introduced to several aspects of an effective and healthy self-management and will reflect on your individual working behavior. We will focus on the following topics

Work-Life-Balance: Which goals and activities in the various areas of life are important to me? What do I want to spend my time on?

Time-management techniques: How do I set up a project plan? How do I distribute my tasks over the week and avoid time pressure?

Motivation: How do I bring myself to goal-oriented action? How do I real- ize my plans in practice?

Resources: Where do I get support from? What are I my sources of strength?

During the workshop a variety of teaching methods, such as short presentations, individual and group exercises, will be employed.