Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a GRACE PhD student?

Grace provides a so-called structured promoton. In addition to the professional qualification, which will be acquired by each student in his field, GRACE offers the opportunity to acquire key skills and to do some intenational networking, while attending summer scholls or on longer periods of stay abroad. You will be offered supervising and continous support, when ever needed.


What does GRACE offer to me?

GRACE offers to its students funding for a great range if opportunities. You may get financial support for:

  • Summer Schools, as a visitor or as a host
  • visits at conferences and research trips
  • purchase of teaching material, e.g. software licenses for working groups
  • stay abroad for several months
  • full or partial scholarships
  • inviting international scientists
  • attendance of fee based courses of a business school
  • and lots more ...


more to come soon